Life Coaching & Sports Psychology


Helena Werner 


I am a Life Coach and  specialized in

Sports Psychology.

Together we can set goals,

face fears and find a way to reach your full potential.

Would you like to improve your results in life or in your sport?

Do you, your team or company want to know more about stress, how the brain works under pressure and how to set achievable goals?

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Thoughts like
“I can´t do it!”,
“If I don´t succeed 
I´m useless”,
“Don´t crash” ... 

.. might have a negative impact on your results. 


What are you telling yourself 

when you are about to perform? By believing in that, your body 

act like it´s true! 

Reactions like 
a pounding heart and shaking knees...

..are probably your body telling you something exciting is about to happen


Stress is a powerful tool. It keeps you alive. But it can also make you feel the opposite.

By learning how your body works, you can use 

reactions to your advantage. 

Does failure make you 
feel bad about yourself?

.. maybe you need to change the way you deal with bumps on the road.  


Failure is not a permanent condition. 


Being a failure and failing are 

two very different things. 

Do your goals make you feel pressured? 

... maybe your goals need some structure and guidance. 


I can help you figure out what it is you really want, and how to get there in a healthy way. 

.. then you might be telling your 

brain that being angry is better 

than being happy. 

That losing is better than winning. 


What you focus on will grow. Your brain is naturally lazy and will 

choose the strongest feelings and thoughts. 

Do you act out when 
you lose, but don´t 
make a big deal out of 

Photo: Natasha Shrimpton Dean



I am a strong believer in the power of the mind and how the brain works. We can “tweak” our thoughts and behaviour to make us feel and do better. 

I believe that everyone is trying to do what is best for them, but some unintentionally do the opposite! 

My career started ten years ago when I was working as a police officer and firearms instructor. I asked myself, what is it that make some officers never want to come back to work after a traumatic situation on duty, while some might return the next day. What is the difference?

This led me into researching mental training and stress management. I used that research in my work as an instructor to help officers make decisions under pressure. 

In my last three years within the Swedish force I worked with stress management with the cadets at the Swedish Police Academy, I did workshops, lessons and individual coaching sessions. 

As a teenager I did seven years in the elite series competing in dressage and three days event. I had a Life Coach to help me deal with performance anxiety, failure and to set goals. This still helps me in my everyday life and on my new ride – my mountain bike. 

I have studied Sports Psychology, I have had Stress and Crisis Management Training (CBT based) within the police and I have a diploma as a Life Coach. 

In March 2018 I decided to leave Sweden and move to the beautiful Lake District to be with my partner, and I am now working as a Life Coach.


You can expect a calm, curious, engaged, honest and capable coach in me! 



ready to take the first step? 

Private session, 1h, £35

The meeting is about you and what you want to talk about. I will coach you to find your way towards where you want to go. 


I use methods and strategies within life coaching, mental training and sports psychology.

I´m based at Liz Hunters physio in Cockermouth. 

Workshops 1,5 - 2 h

Do you want your team or company to know more about stress, how the brain works under pressure and how to set achievable goals?


I do workshops in Cockermouth and in the Cumbria area. Contact me and we can discuss what I can offer you!


"My session with Helena was such an eye opener for me. I had just failed a  physical firearm exam and before the session I had no idea how much damage my own thoughts had on my performance.

I used the strategies we worked with and I passed my test ! I was so much more focused and less stressed!"

- Male student, the Swedish Police Academy

" Helena has a delicate sense of touch with what and when to say something while coaching. She can read the situation and can adapt the discussion accordingly.


For my part, Helena was able to put my feelings about performance anxiety and my goals into the right words – and therefor I have lots to thank her for, because I dared to enter my first race!" 

Erika, mountainbiker

I suffer from mental blockage during certain sports that I love, like climbing​ and mountain biking.


These blockades limits my capacity and Helena gave me perspective on how my negative thoughts affects me and how I can "master" my mind when it comes to mental blockades.

- Hanna,

climber / mountain biker / adventurer